Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Versace for H&M?

I thought I share with you guys, which rumors I heard around on the well-known facebook. I even got to see this video which confirms it. Nice news, if you ask me (Haute Couture for a reasonable price FTW) but when this will happen exactly? As far as I know, no date or something has been released yet…But we will see and we can anticipate interesting things happening in the future…=) Planned are around 40 clothes/items for women, 20 for men and various accessories, we can look forward to =) Donnatella Versace even speaks of one specific dress for women that will be released in her H&M collection, a "black leather dress with golden studs". You can see it in the video…x)

I do need to add something of my own though. I possess nothing in my wardrobe which is more expensive than 80€. Big brands are not really "my thing"; the concept of spending expensive money on clothes which show more skin than to cover it or just have shapes of clothes which I don't like, but should consider buying (and wearing it, if it happens that my size exists) because of the name/mark/brand is against my "fashion beliefs". But, you don't fight over colors and tastes. If people practice this kind of buying, ok I tolerate it, but I'll probably never follow you on this way. =) 

See you later, alligator. x]

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