Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lace butterfly fly away (:

This is what I wore last Saturday =) I went shopping with my Mom and my 3 sisters because my 10year old sister went on Monday with her class on a 3-day-trip to a castle and she still needed some stuff. It's strange how I feel that there is someone missing although I have 11 siblings…but she will be back on Wednesday, so it's ok…=) Anyways, here is what I wore:

Lace Bolero: New Look
Grey T-shirt: H&M
Black Carrot pants: H&M
White sneakers: H&M
Owl Necklace: gift form Mavy

Close-up on the lace

See you later, alligator. x]

Saturday, June 25, 2011

The 4th UL Summer Concert

I went to the Summer Concert of my university yesterday and it was…well, let's just simply face it: bad. BUT there were a very few performances which I enjoyed such as the girl beginning to sing the biographies of, among others, Jules Verne or 1-2 songs of the UL Choir or the UL Instrumental Ensemble (& the redheaded Soloist because she was singing good) or the Silent Theater group where my Bestie Leslie and a super nice girl/friend from my semester * Hi Kim n_n * performed in xD The rest…well, I was constantly ranting during their performances because after one year of practice they could've done better than what they showed, but OH KAY, I shall be silent now^^
Here are some few pictures and what I wore:

Gangsta-Leslie in the house and Kim xDD

Nude Cardigan: H&M
Black Dress: Promod
Velvet Nude Platform shoes: New Look
Owl Necklace: gift from Mavy
Nude Bracelets: H&M

After the concert, we went to a friend's * Hi Lilian n_n * student residence and one of her flat mates made us, after several demanding from Leslie, something delicious to eat: Tomatoes with Mozzarella in Olive oil with salt & pepper and bread x) * Thank you Dominique!n_n * He sure knows how to please girls, by cooking for them xDD

See you later alligator. x]

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

♪♫ Fête de la Musique '11 in Dudetown ♫♪

Yup, outdoor festivals arrived and even my town was hit by one!xD Here is what I wore to exams and because of an impromptu decision I didn't change for the festival in my town:

Hat: New Yorker
(Fake) Leather Jacket: New Yorker
Stripy Sweatshirt: H&M
Black Skinny Jeans: Vero Moda
Black Sneakers: H&M
Giraffe Necklace: six

'Fête de la Musique' (means: Feast of the Music) was Saturday 18th and it is one of the biggest festivals/feasts that my town and the Dudetown's Fête de la Musique is the most popular one because we usually have the best bands playing!xD First I didn't really want to go because of my exams on Monday and Tuesday, but I AM SO GLAD I CHANGED MY MIND afterwards!x) Puggy, one of my favorite bands, played and I really like their music and after listening to them while studying, I thought "why not?!" and called my cousin to say that I'll join her. It was THE BEST concert I have been to so far! We stood in the 3rd row and because of some people moving, we stood in the second row pretty much on the left but in general had a good view to the stage. I could ramble on about how great they were and are and everything but to make it short: I simply love Puggy's music and them!♥


One of my favorite songs from Puggy from the album 'Something you might like': "How I Needed You"

See you later, alligator. x]

Versace for H&M?

I thought I share with you guys, which rumors I heard around on the well-known facebook. I even got to see this video which confirms it. Nice news, if you ask me (Haute Couture for a reasonable price FTW) but when this will happen exactly? As far as I know, no date or something has been released yet…But we will see and we can anticipate interesting things happening in the future…=) Planned are around 40 clothes/items for women, 20 for men and various accessories, we can look forward to =) Donnatella Versace even speaks of one specific dress for women that will be released in her H&M collection, a "black leather dress with golden studs". You can see it in the video…x)

I do need to add something of my own though. I possess nothing in my wardrobe which is more expensive than 80€. Big brands are not really "my thing"; the concept of spending expensive money on clothes which show more skin than to cover it or just have shapes of clothes which I don't like, but should consider buying (and wearing it, if it happens that my size exists) because of the name/mark/brand is against my "fashion beliefs". But, you don't fight over colors and tastes. If people practice this kind of buying, ok I tolerate it, but I'll probably never follow you on this way. =) 

See you later, alligator. x]

Friday, June 17, 2011

Times is hard. Times is hard.

"La dernière ligne droite" like the French say; 2 exams left and I can't anticipate the end even more…xD The weather was supposed to be good, which it was this morning (meanwhile it's raining), and I thought I could wear a skirt =) Here it is:

 Everything is from H&M x)

Giraffe necklace: six

Today at uni, there was a bit of a depressed/sad atmosphere… Most of the Law students finished their exams, others, like me, still need to write some extra exams. I saw some of my friends yesterday and today for the last time before we meet again in January because they will be doing their abroad semester. My Swiss friend, although we got on each others nerves quite a lot these last days, said goodbye with a huge hug, reminded me permanently that we will see us again in January and that I should chin up and be brave. That was the very moment I realized that I will miss him, no matter how much we were fighting and no matter what I said. =S and I think he'll miss me too…

But, to conclude this depri-paragraph I will use Shakespeare's words:

"The show must go on!"

I also had lunch with my Swedish friend at a Mexican Restaurant called "Chi Chi's". I never had Mexican food before and this was just super delicious!n_n We talked and laughed and did a great job at procrastination because we stood at the restaurant from 1PM till 5PM and we both write our International Law extra exam tomorrow^^ (may I say that at the best occasions I never have my camera with me xP)

See you later, alligator. x]

P.S: I hate to say goodbye, even if it's just for a short period. Change is something so strange for me and it churns me up because I'm sometimes comfortable with a certain routine… Anyone else like this?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

OOTD: where's the energy?!

Still the same old story…* exams * Until Monday and I'm done xP Meanwhile, this is what I wore today…

Hat: Pimkie
Cardigan: H&M
Black Long Sweatshirt: H&M
Tights: H&M
Black sneakers: H&M 
(you can't really see them)
Owl Necklace: Promod

I thought of posting this outfit, even if I rather sleep a bit and study later (but somehow I have so much Coca Cola intus that I probably won't sleep although I'm super tired…-.- zZZ) but while I considered myself a complete mess, I've been told "Becky, you look beautiful!"o_O I thought it was cute…n_n

See you later, alligator.x]

Monday, June 13, 2011

OOTD: the Adele mood

Currently, exams give me the blues and I listen quite a lot to Adele. Having my History of Law oral exam and it didn't went as planned, brings me even more down. Anyway, this is what I wore for my exam.

Grey Sequin Shoulder Pad Top: H&M
Black Cotton Mini Skirt: H&M
Grey Velvet Heels: H&M

In the evening, I went for dinner with a friend and kept wearing this outfit. I told her that I wore this to my exam and she said "Did you plan on passing on first sight?!" I didn't think it was that bad or suggestive, but oh well, it's too late anyways xP

Here is one of my current favorite Adele songs "set fire to the rain" from the album "21" =) I love the story in the song and her voice is so super great!♡

See you later, alligator.x]

P.S: Happy Pentecost to everyone!n_n

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

OOTD: Exams in style!

So…I had my Civil Law oral exam (is that how you call it?) yesterday and everybody showed up in coat and tie, so I had to join in the game. The exam itself wasn't my best at all, but hey! I can fail and still look like a flippin winner!xD and guess what, I definitely impressed, unfortunately not the professor with my wisdom, but some (cute) male students, so Becky 1:0 Civil Law, Bam!xD

White top: M&S
Flowery Bow Skirt: H&M
Velvet Nude Platform shoes: New Look

I don't know why the quality of my pictures gets so blurry when I upload them to blogger, on iPhoto, they are just super fine…o_O anyways…

Back to studying it is…the next exam is approaching with full speed…-.-' (I want to be June 21st please, now!)

See you later alligator. x]

P.S: I so have no clue why my legs have THAT MUCH of another color than the rest of me/my body?!o_O I sure know that my legs are still (under my circumstances) pale, but THAT weird?!

Monday, June 6, 2011

OOTD: I should stop wasting away…xP

After looking like this for 2 weeks straight…

…I decided that I need to get back on track and face the world outside and wore this for a super short shopping spree (actually I just returned something)…

Stripy T-shirt: H&M
Black Cotton Mini Skirt: H&M
Black Flats: New Yorker
Owl Necklace: six
Black bow in the hair (which you can't really see): H&M

close-up on the flats (I want to show the "half bow" on them^^)

close-up on the necklace

My apology is that my exams are starting tomorrow and I locked myself up, switched off my cell phone and hid it, avoided skype like a disease…just me and my Law books and absolute minimal access to Internet for the 15mins break I sometimes made. Lets face it, I was being antisocial and I am quite good at it, if I want to. Right now, I live on a 4hours-sleep-day because I was up the entire night to finish a paper, which was due this morning at 8AM and I handed it in at 7:30AM…(Yes, I leave everything for the very last minute^^)

While getting dressed, I had this song by V V Brown stuck in my mind =) It sort of inspired me while choosing my clothes.

See you later, alligator. x]