Wednesday, June 8, 2011

OOTD: Exams in style!

So…I had my Civil Law oral exam (is that how you call it?) yesterday and everybody showed up in coat and tie, so I had to join in the game. The exam itself wasn't my best at all, but hey! I can fail and still look like a flippin winner!xD and guess what, I definitely impressed, unfortunately not the professor with my wisdom, but some (cute) male students, so Becky 1:0 Civil Law, Bam!xD

White top: M&S
Flowery Bow Skirt: H&M
Velvet Nude Platform shoes: New Look

I don't know why the quality of my pictures gets so blurry when I upload them to blogger, on iPhoto, they are just super fine…o_O anyways…

Back to studying it is…the next exam is approaching with full speed…-.-' (I want to be June 21st please, now!)

See you later alligator. x]

P.S: I so have no clue why my legs have THAT MUCH of another color than the rest of me/my body?!o_O I sure know that my legs are still (under my circumstances) pale, but THAT weird?!


Just Daisy said...

wow, a law student this fly during exams deserves to pass just by how awesome she looks in this outfit! but that's just my opinion hehe


Becky said...

My words!xD Thank you!=)