Wednesday, June 22, 2011

♪♫ Fête de la Musique '11 in Dudetown ♫♪

Yup, outdoor festivals arrived and even my town was hit by one!xD Here is what I wore to exams and because of an impromptu decision I didn't change for the festival in my town:

Hat: New Yorker
(Fake) Leather Jacket: New Yorker
Stripy Sweatshirt: H&M
Black Skinny Jeans: Vero Moda
Black Sneakers: H&M
Giraffe Necklace: six

'Fête de la Musique' (means: Feast of the Music) was Saturday 18th and it is one of the biggest festivals/feasts that my town and the Dudetown's Fête de la Musique is the most popular one because we usually have the best bands playing!xD First I didn't really want to go because of my exams on Monday and Tuesday, but I AM SO GLAD I CHANGED MY MIND afterwards!x) Puggy, one of my favorite bands, played and I really like their music and after listening to them while studying, I thought "why not?!" and called my cousin to say that I'll join her. It was THE BEST concert I have been to so far! We stood in the 3rd row and because of some people moving, we stood in the second row pretty much on the left but in general had a good view to the stage. I could ramble on about how great they were and are and everything but to make it short: I simply love Puggy's music and them!♥


One of my favorite songs from Puggy from the album 'Something you might like': "How I Needed You"

See you later, alligator. x]

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