Saturday, December 4, 2010

a very merry unbirthday to you. ♥ (#2)

Red Head Bow & Red Sequins Dress: H&M

My lovely little sister Priscilla had her 9th birthday on November 28th and I've just been putting the pictures on my Mac x) She absolutely wanted this red dress from H&M as a present so I bought it to her and she wore it, all proud =) Usually we don't dress up thaaat fancy for birthdays we celebrate at home but since the Birthday Kid would do it, so my Mom, my sisters and I joined the game^^

So here's what I wore:

Red Bow Headband: from my Bestie Leslie
Red Jacket: vintage
Black Mini Doll dress: Vero Moda
Red Flats: New Yorker

Happy Birthday Priscilla!=) ♡

See you later, alligator. x]

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