Saturday, December 11, 2010

DIY: 'All Occasions' Dress by GiannyL

Hello there!x)

Did you ever wanted a dress that isn't expensive, but looks like? Fits you like it should? Can be worn at many occasions and always looks like you wear something completely new and different? Well, I think I might have just what you need!
GiannyL gives us a video about 'how to do an unique multi-wrap dress' in a bit more than 6mins. For people who know how to sew (or even just have a bit basic knowledge of it) this might be an easy trick!=) give it a look and try it for yourself!=)

I love this girl, she's so talented and creative in doing your own clothes! You should definitely check out her other videos and her website for more inspiration, tips and tricks!

See you later, alligator. x]

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