Thursday, July 14, 2011

Get back to fashion, it is x)

Hello xD

I actually wanted to post some outfits and be more active here, but on Saturday some "beast" stung my left foot and I have a big infection in it. I had to take antibiotics and walk on crutches, I still have the bandage and I'm a bit shaky on the legs. But for the rest, I'm ok x)

After completing the 7 Day Challenge from Deja, I now want to post again more fashion related stuff =) So here are just some pictures…

One of my favorite nail polishes for…let's say this year! It's from "essence: colour & go" and it's called "27 No More Drama"
I have a soft spot for everything purple and violet and this is just the right mix of not to dark and not to light n_n

That's what i wore on Friday, before my foot got attacked… My friend Leslie & I were on a shopping trip to spike our Harry-Potter-inspired costumes for the HP 7.2 Premiere which was on Tuesday. Leslie dressed up as Tonks and I ended up not going because the Dr. said I don't have the right to walk on my foot and a Bellatrix Lestrange wouldn't be cool with a bandaged foot and crutches… Anyways…

Hair: a mess
Polka Dot T-shirt & Nude Tank top & Nude Flats & the Bow bag: H&M
Skin Jeans: Blueridge by WE

Underneath are the pictures of Saturday. I went with my Campus Fraternity to "Europapark", an adventure park in Germany with many attractions and roller-coasters and stuff like that. It was awesome, we started out with the 2nd highest roller-coaster in Europe and it only became faster. We slowed down towards the end of our day at the park, the rest was "Higher, Faster, Stronger!". I screamed (a lot) like a lunatic, but I had fun the entire day and laughed a lot. Downside of the day was the sting I got, but oh well…x)

Stripy T-shirt & Blue tank top & Boyfriend shorts & Bow Bag & white sneakers: H&M

See you later alligator. x]

P.S: Bonne Fête Nationale aux Français!n_n

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Just Daisy said...

thanks for the shout out girly and you look great and so so happy! i can't wait to see harry potter im super late :P