Tuesday, July 12, 2011

7 Day Challenge: Day 7

1 story about a memory.

Ok, that's a hard one…There are so many good memories that I have and I really don't know which one to share…I could tell the one of my first Prom and how my Date became my (former) best friend afterwards. (Let's name him Jay.)

It was June, I was in the last trimester of my 11th grade and my last year at this High School before I would change. I-can't-remember-who organized a Prom for the 1st time in the history of my High School and according dance lessons. I had in mind that I need to end this year with a "BOOM" and need to get me a hot date. It took me a very long time to pick someone I would ask out, but luckily, I found Mr. Right in the form of a good-looking, tall, black haired guy named Jay from the class with which we had gym together. I planned how to make the move but I wanted to get some back-up tips from my girl friends from his class, so I talked to them and one particular girl said that she wants to ask him out. "Ehm, no!" was what I said to her and she threatened (well, actually, she just told me) that she'll ask him later on during class. Fate was with me and they had class in the room next to ours. I spotted him and saw the girl approaching me from the left. I did not wait another second, went over and asked Jay if I could talk to him alone for a moment. He agreed and asked what was up. I just said "Did you hear about the Prom?", he said yes and so I went on "Well, I wondered if you want to go with me to Prom? Of course if you don't want to, I'm cool with that…" He smiled and said "why not?! I'm sure we'll have fun!". I was hyped and I liked it. The girl saw what happened and gave me the looks, but she got Jay as a partner for the dance lessons afterwards, while I was stuck with his best friend Dee, who had a slight crush on me back then (I found out about that way later…). 

Anyways, we exchanged numbers and not long after that we started texting. We met and did, what he called, a photoshooting xD We had fun and got along better and better every time we met. We spent lunch breaks together in his room, sitting on the bed, listening to new music and talking about movies. There were some jealous interferences of his best friend Dee, who said that Jay just used me and that the friendship that builded up between us was all fake, but once I asked Jay and he cleared the air, all was super fine. 

One day we (well, mostly I) decided that we show up in partner look. So, I constantly asked what Jay will wear and after many "I have no clue"s, he walked up to me and said that he knows what he'll wear and that I can come and check it out after school. (At this point, you should know that 1. the Prom theme was "Black & White" and 2. There wasn't a Tuxedo-Rule for guys invented yet at our High School)
So, he chose a poison green shirt and a pair of white pants. When I saw it, I was a bit bumped because I thought he would go all classy and I could pick a nice black dress, but poison green?! I still wanted the partner look and I was determined to find me a poison green dress. I crossed the border to Germany with my aunt, cousin and grandma to hunt down the perfect dress. After hours and hours of searching, I finally came across a poison green dress and it was mine xD

Prom was a success! We were the couple that night especially for showing up in poison green/white xD We had fun, danced all night together, he even threw in a table dance. But there are 2 specific moments I can remember: 
1. When we took a picture together, he laid his arm around my shoulders and it looked all so natural, as if it has never been different.
2. At one point, we were holding hands while he talked to his guy friends in one direction and I talked to my girls in the other direction. Just when we both wanted to leave in different directions, we both realized that we were holding hands and the awkward moment was there. We let go immediately, turned away eagerly and moved away from each other. Then he came back, smiled, leaned in and said that I should stay here and that he'll be back in a few minutes. He didn't lie about that.

We were best friends for the following two years and we had a great time together, which I don't regret. But, like with many things in life, there is a point where everything changes and nothing is the same any longer. We still talk, once in a while, but it'll never be the same again. And to the question "What happened?", I can only answer by quoting Summer from 500 days of Summer: "Life happened."

See you later, alligator. x]

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