Monday, July 4, 2011

7 Day Challenge: Day 1

7 Things that cross your mind a lot.

I found this "7 Day Challenge" on Deja's amazing blog, which you should definitely give a look.
I think a lot about different stuff and it changes constantly. Having an analytical mind doesn't make it easier^^ I tried to list 7 things that went through my mind RIGHT NOW in this very moment.

1. How I'm going to spend my summer.
Until now I just know what I'll do on Saturday and on Tuesday. I also know that I'll be working from 1st till 19th August…

2. University / My studies.
My results of my exams come out mid-July but I keep thinking about them every single day! Will they be good? Will they be bad? Questions over questions…

3. Working out.
I started to work out today with a friend *Hi Catia^^* and I feel great =) I just had to keep it decent today because of a nosebleed before hitting the gym, but I go hard on it the next days xD

4. 'How I met your Mother'.
I found my love for HIMYM a few days ago. First, friends talked about it and it didn't got to me until I gave it a try and hey, I really enjoy it!=)

5. Friends.
Summer is the time of friends, winter is the time of family. At least for me. I enjoy being outside with my few true friends and doing something. But even if we do nothing and just drive around in a car…it's the little things that count.

6. Clothes.
I don't worry about what I'm wearing, but I create new outfits in my head and I so wish that I could take a picture of my thoughts or that I'm good enough in drawing to bring my ideas to daylight.

7. Food xD
Do I have to add something?! I love food and having a constant hungry friend *Hi Leslie!xD* who reminds you at least twice an hour that she's hungry makes you eventually be hungry too and crave some food xD

See you later, alligator.x]

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