Friday, October 28, 2011

hummingbirds/honey suckers. xD

I love these little birds who look like as if they are just hanging in the air. They colorful and tiny and constantly moving, which, all 3, reminds me a bit of myself xD Now on to the pictures…
WARNING: I don't know what's wrong with my lightning, I need to fix this…o_O

Top: New Look
Nude Tank Top (underneath): H&M
Black Skinnies: H&M
Shoes (which you can't see): New Look
Watch: Ice 

I got this top during my last trip to Bruges and like the hummingbirds and the cut; it's so loose and wide and I prefer clothes which aren't tight on your body, but give and leave you some space to breath^^ Actually, before I saw this top, I had in my to make a hummingbird shirt myself, so either way, I would now possess a Honey sucker shirt xD

See you later, alligator. x]


Anonymous said...

I have a similar top with an eagle :) very nice!

Anonymous said...

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Just Daisy said...

your looking so great Becky!

I love that top and the color is awesome against your wall



Becky said...

@Nina: very nice indeed!=) An eagle makes it more rockstar-material x)

@Daisy: Thanks a bunch girl ;) I didn't notice it that much that it works so good with my wall, but yes it does xD <3