Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The wizard and I.

It wasn't intended, it just happened! I wore this to uni yesterday and when I was dressed and was looking in the mirror, all I saw was a Hogwarts student or a witch out of Wicked…I like it!^^ At uni, my Bestie Leslie and my friend Lilian asked if I was aware of the fact that I look like a Hogwarts student, by then I knew it xD Seems like I can't let Harry Potter go so easily…*sob*

Glasses: Jenyfer
Black oversize jacket: H&M
Blue Shirt: H&M
Bow: Asos
Black Pocket Skirt: H&M
Peacock Feather Tights: H&M
Black Velvet shoes: Zara
"Wand": Chinese Restaurant xD

What do you think?=) Let me know in the comments^^

See you later, alligator. x]


Porcelain complexion said...

LOVE this look! Especially the wee tie & those textured lace tights <3

StephanieDJL said...

I love this look! The tie on the shirt is perfection :)

Just Daisy said...

Omg this is a perfect outfit and so much fun! I'm getting a hogwarts vibe for sure hehe

cute tights!


Becky said...

haha, thank you so much girls!=) The tie definitely is an eye-catcher!xD