Friday, July 30, 2010

pictures of me. pictures of you.

hmm... I just flickered trough my iPhoto Library and thought I could post some of the pictures =)

FIRST: Ring*Con 2009 in Maritim Hotel Bonn, Germany xD

My first time being there or at any convention ever and it was huge, Huge, HUGE fun and amazing and everything and if I actually start to talk about it, I guess, I wont stop till october xD So, just look at the pictures and try to imagine x)

DIY: Ravenclaw Student, Rosalie and Alice Cullen (for me, they are the original ones!=))

Ring*Con 09 Vampire Ball: Me, "Jacob Black" à la Werewolf and elfish Alice Cullen xD (and a Vampire trying to bite her neck =[ )

oooh, look whom I met in Bonn: the mouthwatering Edi Gathegi =) (sorry for the awkward pose,I was intimidated^^)

and I met sweet Christian Serratos =) [I asked her a question during the Q&A session and was featured on the Ring*Con DVD lol]

SECOND: July 6th was my Graduation and afterwards we should have had a Prom, but at a friend's house because my class wanted to boycott the official Prom due to rudeness from the Senior Prom Comity (is that the word?oO) towards us. Well, the Prom ended as a chill-out-sit-on-a-couch-drink-smoke-listen-to-horrible-music-event which I loathed a lot and still do. First because I don't smoke, neither do I drink. Secondly I wanted a real Prom, like the Americans have (which I could have had, if I did what I wanted instead of what all the others did!!!).

In the end I'm glad I didn't spend a lot of money on the dress, but unfortunately I did unintentionally spend a fortune on my hair and make-up x_X. (Short summary of my visit at the hairdresser: she STRAIGHTENED my curls! and when she was done with my make-up I thought she transformed me into a prostitute and was close to tears! I am so not used to straight hair, neither to much make-up o.O but in the end every one told me I looked amazing, so with time I got over it.)

class of 2010, besides everything I did like you. n_n

the girls I spent the most time with at school x) the Gangsta is my bench neighbor xD ♥

...cause we do our (emo) thing xD ♥

Ring*Con Black Dress: Vero Moda
Ring*Con Dark Blue Dress: H&M; Grey jacket: C&A
Graduation Black Dress: Promode; Black jacket: Kiabi

Since I lost all my other pictures, due to the suicide of my old laptop, this is all I have left at the moment.

See you later alligator. x]


P.S: Don't hesitate, give a statement. n_n


cheeky curves said...

Wont stop till october, you are so funny, your photos are great

Becky said...

@cheeky curves Lol you are right x) actually it goes a bit further than just october, but I am a bit too lazy to search those pictures, spread on different social networks^^