Friday, July 23, 2010

pretty in geek. xD


I am a fan of all nerdy and geeky stuff. From video games over to comics over to writing over to photography over to painting and etc simply everything. To me, being a nerd or a geek also means to be extraordinary without noticing it.
If you want to, you can take this post as a little tribute to the Nerds and Geeks and Dorks and Losers out there. *You guys rock!*

Surfing the Internet, I came across those little goods and all I can say is: I WANT THEM! I hope you like them as much as I do =)

Whoever made them is a little genius. At least from my point of view. I even found some nice goodies for Men. I like. (Of course, it exists about a zillion geek t-shirts for guys, but posting my favorites, let alone my all of them would take me ages xD)

I still don't understand how Nerds and Geeks and Losers can be bullied and pushed around and made fun of. It's not a crime to have a passion for something, nor to be over-informed about something. If you meet the right ones, they can be the most interesting people you meet. Opposite to others, they do know what they are talking about. It may not always be comprehensive for someone who isn't familiar with the topic but, I love the passion they have and show while trying to convince you that Spiderman is in some battles way better than Superman or Batman. And that Shakespeare can still be found in our time, if you observe a bit. Or a Canon Digital camera might still beat a Nikon because of this and that. I like listening to them. =)

OK, I think I rambled too much. Enough now.

See you later alligator. x]


P.S: Are you a Nerd, Geek, Dork or something else? If yes, what's your thing?=)

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Mavy Gravy said...

Such a cool and cute blog! Hehe. I can be such a geek sometimes and secretly lovin' it. lol