Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I quickly grow bored of something, so that's why I just "currently" love those things; tomorrow this list might change again. But yeah... I love doing lists anyway.

Soon I might get a new camera, since my old one seems to have a problem with me, and then I can finally start posting my own pictures and impressions and moments and stuff...=) Also a bit patience for the fashion related posts, I might soon be able to post OOTD pictures and haul pictures and so on...=) Until then:

See you later alligator. x]

P.S: If you were to do such a list, what would you write down?=)


Fashionista- I am your fashion mannequin said...

nice blog!

you are invited to mine (:


Fashionista- I am your fashion mannequin said...

I am very impressed with your Hebrew skills!
how is that?!?

and I also have no idea how you supposed to tight this dress and I don't really mind as long as I think it looks good on the front LOL

thank you for following me I will follow you back hopefully we will keep in touch (: