Thursday, July 22, 2010

from the rascal who owns this. x)


I thought I simply start with a post which (more or less) explains a bit who I am. But first of all, dear reader, I’m pleased to meet you, although I may not know your name nor from where you are, if you read this during the day or night and if it’s out of boredom or interest and etc. This ‘Hi’ goes out to You and just You. (You can feel honored now, if you feel like ;))

‘She’ goes by the name of Rebecca which is pronounced as Becky or Beccs. I am (forever) 21 years old, the oldest of 12 children and a (not so) serious Law student. I am typing from a boring and tiny country of West Europe (it barely represents a dot on the world map). A frisky, funny, sarcastic/ironic, creative 5’5” plus-size girl which is considered an adult woman. I love to laugh and smile, so this is what I do most of the time, except early in the morning when I have to get up for things I don’t think are worth leaving Dreamland.

Family and (true) friends make me more than happy. Colorful is my favorite color and usually I can’t write sentences without smilies (but I make an exception for blogs, stories and tests/exams). I have a ‘faible’ for bows, stars, butterflies, fairies, sunshine, flowers, hats and nerdy stuff. Music, Movies and Books are essential for me. The best way to express myself is by writing it down (read a bit here). Taking pictures is a way for me to capture special moments. I’m fond of literature, foreign languages/countries and sports, especially those which aren’t really meant for girls like Rugby, Ice Hockey and Football/Soccer. Like many girls, I love to do shopping and I have witnesses to prove that I do a lot ^.^

Oh, and by the many mistakes I'll probably did and do while writing proves that unfortunately I am not a native English speaker nor writer.

Hmm… So by now you should be a little bit prepared to what may come and with what you are dealing xD

See you later alligator. x]


P.S: I would like to know who you are; will you tell me?=) *pretty please*

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