Saturday, August 20, 2011

I'm Free, I just spend all my money… n_n

Today was a super sunny day!=D *yeah!* But I had and still have a huge, huge headache =/ that's why mostly I stood inside… I went grocery shopping though and put on a smile and let the sun heal me a bit n_n 
Here's the result of when my sister is my photographer xD *hey Naomi ;) ♥*

Dress: Vero Moda
Green Bolero jacket: H&M
Yellow flats: New Yorker
Shades: H&M

Here's a song I can't stop listening too…xD Counting today alone it was more than 20times in a row x) *GOOD MOOD SONG*
"Free" by Natalia Kills ft. Will.I.Am

See you later, alligator. x]

P.S: you can still enter my giveaway here!xD


wait until the sunset said...

gorgeous dress babe! I can't wait for summer over here. I'm going to be living in my floral dresses!

Just Daisy said...

Hey Becky! That dress looks so amazing on you. Very pretty and those yellow shoes are super cute hehe

sorry about your headache! =)


Becky said...

Yes, Summer is Flower dress time!xD Although we didn't have that much of a summer this year, I tried to wear them as often as possible!=)

@Daisy: Thanks a bunch!=) yellow is just an extra touch of color, everytime!x) Those headaches…I don't know where they come from but every now and then I have them =/ but right now, I'm ok xD