Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Some DIY stuff xD

Yup, you read right. Here are 2 things (of one I am kind of proud, it's on you to find out which one) that I managed to do myself xD To clear this right from the start, it's not the first time, but before I just don't know what happened why I didn't take some pictures…o_O
Anyways, this used to be a plain white t-shirt for MAN (I wanted something more loose/wide) and I cut out the neckline to sew one that I like better. (btw, my sewing skills are not the best. at all.)

"Sometin' You Might Like" (you can still see the pencil lines)

on the back (neck hight)

This is one of many t-shirts I did and it took me quite some time…I worked like about a week on this one and it's still not completely done (it still needs ironing to fix the color and to be washed to erase the pencil lines) so that I can wear it. It's a bit of a "tribute" to my favorite band Puggy because "Something You Might Like" is the title of their current album and one of their songs and the sentence itself is self-explanatory *hint to the gentlemen ;)* so yeah…

I used C. Kreul Javana fabric paint (bought it at a crafts shop for around €4 each) in 'grey' (intended was black, but it was sold out) and 'ruby red'. The pen you see is a textile marker from Pilot in 'black' (around €3). If in any further time you want me to explain how I do "all that", let me know, I'll try to document my next t-shirt then x) I will do some outfit posts as soon as the shirt is ready to be worn xD

And the next one…Ladybird/-bug nails xD

I should have been doing a bit of a 'retouche' on the nails, now that I see my flaws xD

My sister bought this 'Duo Nail Polish' from H&M yesterday and I volunteered to try it. Not being a big fan of pink, I tried red, which is the 1st time in my life ever that I am wearing red nail polish! And I found out why…I don't like it that much…=/ This red (on its own) is a bit to light for my taste, but I didn't want to waste it, so I grabbed my 'So Laque! Ultra Shine 30 Noir de Chine' nail polish by Bourjois and just put some dots on the red polish to see what it looks like…and tada! doing it on the 2 hands and here we are with the ladybird/-bug nails xD

See you later, alligator. x]

P.S: My Giveaway is still running, so feel free to enter it here!xD


Stephanie said...

I love DIY!Especially t-shirts.Cool way to pay tribute to a favourite (band)!


Just Daisy said...

I love that shirt! It looks great, I want to try a DIY project as well :)

P.S Those lady bug nails are too cute Becky <33


Sharlxo said...

great DIYS you have skills gorgeous


Porcelain complexion said...

I love what you've done with that t-shirt and your lady bug nails are super cute!

Just found you & became a follower :)

Julia xo

P.s I loved your last outfit post - that dress is gorgeous and the yellow shoes are so fun!

wait until the sunset said...

that is so cool! I love it! Can't wait to see more! :)

Olivia :) x
Wait Until The Sunset

Ruby Girl said...

cute nails!! <3 www.rubygirlblog.com

Becky said...

Thank you all sooo much!=)