Monday, August 15, 2011

Animal print.

Nail polish: "27 No More Drama" by essence & go

These shorts are the only item I possess with something close to animal print xD The sun decided to show itself today after more than a month of RAIN x_X This year, we really don't have much luck with the weather and I miss my beloved sun so much that I might have a little winter depression if I don't get my dose soon…xD Anyways, since it was ok outside I decided to get my shorts out of the wardrobe and get myself outside in the garden and take some pics there…=) Also, today I'm free from work and I had an extra long weekend, where I did mostly sleeping and watching movies. Tomorrow, back to work for another week and then I'm done for this summer x)

Hat: New Yorker
Black oversize T-shirt: H&M
Nude Animal Print shorts: H&M
Black sneakers: H&M
Jewelry: six

Also, although you can't see it, I wore (my pair of) the black clock earrings that I'm giving away here =) Enter and maybe soon they will be yours xD

See you later, alligator. x]

P.S: My facial expression is a disaster, sorry about that xD


wait until the sunset said...

oooh gorgeous outfit babe! And awesome fedora! I just did a post about my new hat too! Check it out here:

Stephanie said...

Those shorts are great! I applied the same nail colour last night,LOVES IT!!!

Lorraine said...

oooooohhh I love this outfit!! Those shorts are hot!

Just Daisy said...

O-M-G Love those shorts! They are awesome and this look is so freaking cute girl :)

P.S. I love that nail polish on you and these pictures are fierce!!


Becky said...

Thank you very much girls!n_n