Thursday, August 19, 2010

OOTD: Tigerlily. *RAWR*

Amis du jour, bonjour!x)
(yes, I just quoted Audrey from Big or not too big =))

Just got back from my short trip to France where I went to visit the French part of my family. It's pretty amazing that I just need 20-30mins to get there and only 3h to get to Paris. Living so close does have it's advantages.
The weather remembered that usually in August the sun shines, so it has decided today to give us a glimpse of what it's capable and it was sooo good. Blue sky, pretty little white clouds and a smiling sun were over the houses and trees. Temperature was ~22°C but it felt way hotter in the sun. I decided to wear a dress, but not just any dress. A dress I own already some years but wore it only twice, for what reason ever. When I am wearing it, I feel like a native Indian, don't know why really but it just is the case. Just take a look. x)

*with a jacket*

*without jacket*

Dress: H&M
Jacket: H&M
Necklace: Caìmeau
Belt: H&M
Mocassins: H&M

I love this earrings xD no matter what somebody says, I call them 'vintage owls' ^^
I got them (together with the violet ones as a pack) from SIX. The picture does them no justice though, the violet ones sparkle beautifully as well as the eyes of the owls.

Seeing these pictures, I think I look a bit sick or something o.O Well, it's about the clothes, not about my face xD But I miss my longish hair -.- this is a strange length, not really short and not really long enough to do something with them... I used to wear "fake braids" as headband and everybody always asked if this are my real hair x) but with this short style, they look rather stupid; believe me I tried it and ran around an entire day with terrible hair xD Enough talk for today.

See you later aligator. x]

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