Tuesday, August 17, 2010

OOTD (the first): the key to my cage.

I am back, at least more or less. I still am on my summer break but the weather doesn't seem to know that we are still August. I don't like. It keeps raining all day long and the temperature swings between 'too warm for a jacket' and 'too cold for t-shirts', so you wear anything and get out and have to live with the situation you are facing. Enough weather rant.

I had to leave the house today to get some university stuff done and I had to look a bit "normal" to not (yet) scare the people away. I went for a dark blue-grey combination and it was comfy and ok and excellent for the weather condition: not to warm, not to cold. I had to "force" my brother to take the pictures and this time it actually worked out. *Thanks Bro* And as you can see, I have a beautiful purple wall paint =)

Dark Blue Cardigan: H&M
Grey sweatshirt: Only
Dark Blue Jeggings: H&M

Key Necklace: Six
(This is one of my all time favorite necklaces n_n)

Grey Flats: H&M

What are you guys up to? What are you wearing?

See you later alligator. x]

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