Wednesday, December 28, 2011

☃ I'll be home for Christmas… ☃

I had a very nice and lovely Christmas at home with my family =) I forgot to load my camera's battery in advance, so I don't have any fancy pictures =( But I was able to take some in the evening of what I wore…x)

The story behind the dress: I went to H&M. I saw it. I loved it. I tried it (and took this picture). It was awesome, but there was only one dress left: one size smaller than mine with a broken zipper. I was disappointed. I wanted the dress! On Christmas Eve (Dec. 24th) I did my last round of shopping and I went to H&M to fetch my sisters a dress and I browsed through the women's clothes and there it was! My size, without a broken zipper, without anything flaw and I bought that baby!xD Of course I had to wear it on Christmas!xD

Black Glitter Bolero Jacket: H&M (years ago)
Black Tank Top (b/c of the way the dress is cut): H&M
Black Flower Dress: Conscious Collection by H&M
Glitter Flats: H&M

Sorry of how the pictures look, Blogger thinks it funny to mess around with my pictures and I am certainly not amused…-.-' Tried several times to re-upload them, but they look even worse, so I surrendered…don't know what is happening here…o_O

See you later, alligator. x]

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