Thursday, September 30, 2010

all in one. xD

Too much happened and I don't know how to put it all in words. So, let the pictures do the talk, shall we?=)

! Hanging around forbidden places xD we survived, so whatever^^ !

Blue Blazer: Zara
Stripey t-shirt: H&M
Dark Blue Jeggings: H&M
Black Suede shoes: Zara


! Traditional Medieval Fest in my town x) it got very busy and hard at some point, but it was fun^^ !

Cardigan: H&M
White top: H&M
Layer-Flower-Dress: Zara
Key-Necklace: Six
Bag: H&M
Mocassins: H&M

* Whipped-Cream-Vanilla-Ice-Cream-Choco-Milk FTW! *


White-Flower-Blue-Dress: we
(I'll take a picture of it once in a while so that you can see how gorgeous it is n_n)
Black Top: C&A
Necklace: Viventy
Earings: Six

!!! Happy 22nd Birthday to me xD !!!


! 1st day of University xD !

Red Bow Headband: from my bestie Leslie
Red Jacket: can't remember
White Sweater: idem
2-Sided-Owl-Necklace: six
Black "Pump" trouser: H&M
Red Flats: New Yorker


! Hanging around and fooling in a friend's students residence^^ !

Everything except the necklace is H&M x)


! 'Welcome Back' Party in a Student Residence xD Much Fun and nice memories^^!

Black & White Bow Jacket: H&M
White Top: M&S
Black 'Slim Leg' Pants: H&M
2-Sided-Owl-Necklace: six
Black Suede Shoes (you can't see, except in the very 1st pic): ZARA


See you later alligator. x]

Becky ♥

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Cute pictures! =D